What’s wasabi?

Do you know what wasabi is? “Of course I know what wasabi is!” “It’s a Luc Besson movie!” “I have seen it in London.(you mean the restaurant chain!)” No no no no… This time, I’m going to talk about Japanese horseradish as a seasoning, whether you know it or not. How well known is it in Japan? What does it taste like? What kind of food is it used for? Price, where can I buy it? This is an article that explains these.  How well known is Wasabi in Japan? Most Japanese households have wasabi in their refrigerators (well, actually, most of it is not really wasabi, but wasabi flavors… but I will explain that in another article). If you are in a Japanese restaurant or have Japanese friends, ask them “Do you have wasabi?” The answer would probably be 95% yes. What does it taste like? It has a very particular sweet taste with a hint of spiciness. It tastes good in small amounts, but if you eat it in chunks, your nose will hurt. If it is your first time to try it, try eating a grain of rice. If you eat it with a spoon, you might […]